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Welcome to Beautiful In Black!~

knock the door
the servant's bedroom
the doors
the news room
the master bedroom
the maids' room
the old and abandoned room
the hall room
the interview room
the play room

A Mana-sama Fansite

Welcome to our Mana-sama fansite... This fansite was built with lots of love.. We hope you guys will enjoy it...

Firstly.. we all want you to know that this is a Mana-sama mansion..

There are lots of doors.. leading you to separate ways...
Our Mana-sama room of course is the master bedroom.. ^-^
So, enjoy your stay here...

There are lots of secret passage in this mansion..
Everytime you click on pictures here..
they will lead you to secret rooms...
Feel free to explore our Mana-sama museum mansion...

And there are times where you can find some stupid page..
in this fansite.. sorry.. haha.. ^^"
we just want to make it a fun site for you all...

because we always hope you guys will enjoy our mansion...
and lots of love to Mana-sama..!~

Thank you for visiting and staying.. *bows*


"Find thy way to the end of desire...
Give myself thy blood and flesh I will recall"

Where the beauty meets the darkness