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Mana-sama's latest activity and this site's latest update report..

-Mana-sama's latest activity-

Dixanadu - Fated "raison d'etre" Europe Tour 2007 DVD will be released on January 30, 2008.

-July 2007

Moi dix Mois announced their 2007 European Tour

DIXANADU ~Fated "raison d'être"~

11-October ~ Tavastia [Helsinki / Finland]
Ticket Price : 30 euro

13-October ~ Klubben [Stockholm / Sweden]
Ticket Price : 300 sek

15-October ~ Docks [Hamburg / Germany ]
Ticket Price : 30 euro

16-October ~ Huxley's [Berlin / Germany]
Ticket Price : TBA

18-October ~ Kulturfabrik [Krefeld / Germany]
Ticket Price : 32 euro

19-October ~ Werk [Leipzig / Germany]
Ticket Price : 30 euro

21-October ~ New Backstage [Munich / Germany]
Ticket Price : TBA

22-October ~ Alcatraz [Milano / Italy]
Ticket Price : 22 euro

24-October ~ Bikini [Barcelona / Spain]
Ticket Price : 27 euro

25-October ~ Caracol [Madrid / Spain]
Ticket Price : 27 euro

27-October ~ Elysée Montmartre [Paris / France]
Ticket Price : 25 euro

Total information: Contra Promotion GmbH
Tel: 0234-962920

-July 2007

Moi dix Mois will release a special edition of the album DIXANADU. But it can be bought only through their official online shop: reservations period ends on July 31st, 2007 and it will be released in August.

- CD with 12 tracks, basically the DIXANADU album without vocals.
- A tall case with special artwork
- A videogame designed by Mana with Matin, the Moi dix Mois mascotte, called "Day Dream of DIXANADU"
- Moi dix Mois/Matin Desktop theme for Windows with clock and calendar.

-Beautiful In Blue's latest update-

April 13th 2008

Mana-sama interview page added with his latest interview!
xD yayy!~
but havent translate it yet.. hehe.. ^^"
the treasure room has been sealed.. (woot! its gone now!)
and is putted into the master bedroom (click on the Mana-sama picture under chat box to view details about his guitars :3)
yeah.. i know.. my head is complicated.. ^^"

~Ila and Malilith

April 13th 2008

Waa!!!~ this is crazyyyy!!!~
oh my.. ^^"
well.. its time.. xD
i am adding up an interview page.. hehexD

January 05th 08

I am very happy when I finish up the download area..!~ yay for me.. XD
I am sooo happy...
But sooo tired too.. ^^"
But for Mana-sama.. <3
I will keep going until this site is complete.. XD
I love you, Mana-sama!!!~


January 02, 2008

Finished Maxi Album Lyrics...
The Gallery and downloads are still untouched.. *sigh*
I'm going crazy someday.. *laughs*


14 December 2007

Front page, finish!
guitar gallery.. done.. XD

13 December 2007

Sign up, get a new blank page.

"So bloom with pride, beautiful Angelica"

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