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knock the door
the servant's bedroom
the doors
the news room
the master bedroom
the maids' room
the old and abandoned room
the hall room
the interview room
the play room

we both love mails from you, dear visitor..

If there is something that I missed,
or something that I do wrong,
please contact me and I'll correct it...

If you want to share your love and passion to Mana-sama with me,
or just want to get to know me,
you can always send me some mail and we could talk to together,

If you want me to put more things here,
or just want to comment this site,
just feel free to send them to my inbox...

Thank you for everything, dear visitor,

Lots of love,

Ila Way and Malilith



"I cut myself in the silence and it still hurts...
I have sorrowed the wrong god in the silence"

Where the beauty meets the darkness