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Demon-Man Bem
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the servant's bedroom
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the master bedroom
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the old and abandoned room
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Bemu (big bloke with cane), Bera (feisty female with whip) and Bero (mildy irritating red jump=suited child) are humanoid monsters who came from the sea and want to become human (as the opening helpfully tells us). Together they fight evil demons! This episode, there's an evil old man implanting some kind of evil slug demon in people; it swallows some punks and a train before Bemu, Bera and Bero take care of it.

Oh,and Bera goes house-hunting,, and Bero makes a friend who looks beyond appearances and loves all creatures! Well, except she faints with shock when she sees Bero transform into his full monster form (they can't speak, it's great, they just make funny noises!); however, she feels so guilty for ostracising him after she hears her parents praising whoever saved the train full of people that they make up. Aaaw.

Bemu, on the other hand, does nothing except fight in this episode; since the series is named after him, you'd think he'd actually be more important, but I guess not!

The original Ningen Youkai Bemu aired in 1968, and recently ranked 78th in TV Asahi's poll of the top 100 anime of all time. Everything looks pretty much the same as it did back then, except with higher animation quality, really (and I have no idea if Bero's friend, whose name I have forgotten, was in the old series); some of the animation is actually quite impressive given how old school the show looks.

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Where the beauty meets the darkness