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knock the door
the servant's bedroom
the doors
the news room
the master bedroom
the maids' room
the old and abandoned room
the hall room
the interview room
the play room

The past people of Mana-sama



Közi's career began at the end of the 1980s in two bands, Girl'e and Beyond The Reinsight. Information about these bands is very scarce. In 1991 he joined Matenrou (also known as Matenrow) with future Malice Mizer member Mana and released two demo tapes. Mana and Közi left Matenrou after deciding they both had similar ideas about creating music. They formed Malice Mizer in 1992. After Malice Mizer disbanded in 2001, Közi joined Haruhiko Ash and created Eve of Destiny, an industrial rock band that toured outside of Japan, performing at various festivals in Europe.

On May 2007, Közi released a live DVD, featuring a collage of his lives from 2004-2006.

"Break a spell, now return to the sky...
As time goes by, meet again by destiny"

Where the beauty meets the darkness